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    PP backwards compatibility format after import/edit in Captivate 5

    Jim Skinner at Greenwich Level 1

      I was trying to find an original PowerPoint presentation today that I'd used for a Captivate video (.F4V) but when I got to the directory that I was expecting it in I found 2 copies of it.


      I examined the 2 copies and they appeared the same, except one was in Office 2007 format (the version we run) and the other was in 2003 compatible format (the default we run, for backwards compatibility with students' software). The 2 files were marked as being editied 5 minutes apart.


      It struck me that I'd used the "Edit in PowerPoint" feature to change one of the slides in the presentation via Captivate.


      It's not a problem, more for future reference, but when I edited the presentation did Captivate bypass our default settings and save the presentation in MS Office 2007 native format? Is there and easy way round this or is it just down to me to manage my files?


      Thanks in advance.