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    Bootstrapper failure (255) during app install

    ArK_1 Level 1

      Hi there,


      We have made an Adobe AIR 2 application which is packaged into a native executable.


      One of our customers is having trouble installing the application on his Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit machine.


      He has tried both AIR 2.04 and the new AIR 2.5, but has the same problem for both. The app begins to install, gets to the end of the progress bar and then comes up with the windows error 'This application has stopped working..'


      The log file only shows a nondescriptive 'Bootstrapper failure (255). We are unable to replicate this on our test machines, but have seen it happening via a remote desktop connection to his computer.


      We have tried everything we can think of such as removing and reinstalling Adobe AIR itself, and enabling/disabling UAC.


      Do you have any idea what is causing this issue?