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    Deploying to multiple environments


      Hello all,


      I have a question regarding the best practice approach to deploying an AIR application to different environments.  First off let me qualify my situation.  I'm working in an enterprise environement where we have different deployment environements, think of them as dev, test, ci, prod, etc.  The AIR application that I'm working on needs to use RESTful services reachable from the same environment from which it was downloaded and installed (these all have different hosts).  So the only real variant is a bootstrap url.  I'm using AIR because the application needs access to the filesystem.


      What I've done, which is less than optimal, is to create a targeted build system using the flex ANT targets.  The application uses an embedded config file that is parameterized and filtered for a target environment using ANT before the SWF is compiled.  This is in turn is packaged and subsequently archived into a WAR file (java backend) for deployment to the targeted environment.


      Optimally I would like to generate  a single artifact that I can deploy to all environement. Again the only variant is the URL (actually host) from which the application was downloaded from.  I've followed a couple of potential solutions that looked promising but have turned out to be dead ends (perhaps because of my lack of understanding). I saw mention somewhere else of using the args from the install badge to configure the install.  I couldn't determine how to get this to work.  I also saw mention to passing commandline args. While this would work, assuming I could generate these dynamically during the install, the install and lauch of the applicaztion needs to be seamless for our users.


      I'm curious to hear how others have dealt with this issue and even more so about potential solutions aside from targeted builds.



      Sean McDaniel