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    problem with audio crossfade




      When I want to make an audiocrossfade between to clips on my timeline, I find both of the clips frozen on the time line. I.e. I cannot move, resize or degroep them anymore, even after I undo the operation.

      I'm working with PE 7 and I use the audiocrossfade from the transitionsbox in the program.


      What am I doing wrong?



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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          Can you help us a bit, with regard to your Audio Assets? Are these Audio Clips that are associated with Video Clips?


          When you say that the Audio Clips are "frozen on the Timeline," can you be more specific?


          Which Audio Track do these Clips reside on?


          If the Audio Clips ARE associated with Video, i.e. muxed into one file, you can Alt-Click on just the Audio portion to temporarily unlink the Audio and Video, and then move the Audio about, as much as you want, but beware: you will loose sync. If you do need to unlink the Audio and Video, and adjust the Audio independently, I would turn OFF the Snap Function (either via the Snap icon, or by toggling with the S-key.


          Thanks for the additional info and good luck,



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            MichSM1 Level 1

            I'm using the standard combined video/audio clips, so the audio is associated with the video. The thing I try to do is to crossfade the audioparts of two clips, using the audiotransition icon from the transitionwindow. It apears to me that it works in the same way as the standard videotransitions. I drag and drop the crossfade transition on the audiopart of the clips. After that both clips are stuck on the timeline and I cannot do anything with it. When I try to drag the clip or adjust the length, there appears a small white rectangle figure at my prompt. Even if I undo the operation, the clips stay frozenon ther place in the timeline. The strange thing is that this only happens with the two standard audiotransitions of the program. With the videotransitions I have no problems.



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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              Thank you for your explanation. Just to make sure that I am clear, before you add the Crossfade to the Audio, do you have full control over the Clips?


              Do these Clips butt completely with each other?


              If you Delete the Crossfade, do you then have control over the Clips?


              Sorry for all the questions, but I am trying to establish, in my mind, exactly where the issue might lie. I normally apply a Crossfade>Constant Power to the Tail of the preceding Clip and the Head of the following Clip. I would seldom want the Audio to "dissolve" like a Video Transition, where one could hear the Audio on Clip A blending with the Audio of Clip B. If I did, I'd place one Clip on Audio Track 1 and the other on Audio Track 2 (or similar), and overlap them for the Duration of that "dissolve." Also, from a workflow standpoint, I always edit my Video first, and then edit the Audio. Obviously, I do not do music videos.


              Good luck,



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                MichSM1 Level 1



                Yes I have control over the clips.

                I now tried the following:


                I dragged the constant power transition noly at the tail of one clip. After doing this, my whole timeline is frozen. I cannot move or edit any of the other clips, even when I undo the operatiion. I don't know. Maybe it is a kind of bug or corruption between the program an my computer (running on Vista).


                I now make the audiotransitions by hand, like you descriped on two separate channels. This methode works fine, but it is strange afterall...


                Thanks for your advises.



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                  Ed.Macke Level 3

                  I don't know if this is exactly the same problem, but I had an issue a while back where applying an audio crossfade to particular clip made PrE go all wonky.


                  Sometimes simply applying the clip would cause PrE to crash. Sometimes the clip would seem to apply fine but PrE would freeze when it played back that spot. Sometimes it would cause the render operation to blow up.


                  In the end, I think somehow the clip was corrupted (or PrE had a bug that only showed up due to something in the clip, dunno). When I trimmed a few seconds off the head of the 2nd clip, everything was fine.

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9



                    Interesting observations. I did not recall reading of such issues, but have not been as good, as I used to be, at reading everything here.


                    Going over your info, I cannot come up with a good explanation for what you (and probably Michel) were encountering.


                    I only have PrE 4.0, but will go see if I can recreate an issue with the Crossfade on muxed Audio. In my case, it will be DV-AVI w/ PCM/WAV Audio, so might, or might not, be good test material. Can you, or Michel tell me exactly what the source material's specs. are, so I can try to duplicate the issue with potentially problem Assets?


                    Thanks, and good luck Michel. At least you have found a workaround, but I do not see why one would have to do it that way. That is why I'd love to find out what the underlying issue is.



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                      Ed.Macke Level 3

                      I think in my case, it was something wrong with the clip itself - some sort of corruption or something.


                      I've used a lot of clips and a lot of audio transitions, and I've only ever seen the problem once with one specific clip. Sadly, it was a long time ago and I have no idea what clip caused the problem, and I don't think I posted anything to the forum


                      It was a bear to figure out what the problem was, at first, but after I did I could recreate the problem at will - but only with that "problem" clip.


                      For the record, it was a fairly normal DV-AVI via Firewire. I'm pretty sure it was an analog tape (8mm) captured using a Sony Digital8 camcorder's iLink (i.e. the camcorder did the A-D conversion and output it as DV-AVI). No other audio assets, just two DV-AVI clips butted together with a Constant Power transition with default settings.

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                        MichSM1 Level 1

                        Hello All,


                        In my case the clips are DV-AVI clips, that I imported from my (JVC) camera via Firewire. I'm not sure but I suppose that the audio is on a samplerate of 48kHz.


                        Greetz Michel

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                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                          I have tried to replicate this issue, using all sorts of muxed DV-AVI source material, and cannot do so in PrE 4 - sorry.


                          Good luck,