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    ProgressEvent.SOCKET_DATA processing causes UI to be slow

      I'm working on an application using Flex Builder 2 with ActionScript 3. My app connects to a custom server speaking a proprietary protocol over a Socket. My goal is to test the throughput from the server to the client as it streams data, essentially just a stream of random bytes for now. The problem I have is that the client UI becomes unresponsive and fails to update as I spend time processing the incoming byte stream in the callback for ProgressEvent.SOCKET_DATA. Does anyone have any insight on this problem? I did a search and have seen that a few others have run into this issue as well, but there seems to be no resolution. Another note, I am working on the Windows platform, and I don't recall having this problem when I was running the same client code on a Mac. Something else I just thought of. I am testing by running both client and server on the same machine, and CPU is pegged at 100%. Maybe this has an effect? I will try to change that scenario to isolate the problem further.

      Chris Thompson