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    Verity wildcards

      Beginning to use verity for something more sophisticated than finding a word or phrase and, to illustrate my noob status with Verity I have just come across wildcard.

      But I want to be able to do a search for NAS (as in Network Attached Storage) and find any product with NAS in it, but not find things like Pa nasonic. At present I am using:

      <cfsearch collection="products" criteria="*#lcase(searchterm)#*" name="prodSearch">

      Really in search of anything to make inbuilt Verity more intelligent.
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          Ari Zanuto Level 1
          i hope that i understand your question.

          verity have this operations to search:

          Wildcards - regular expression style use of ?, *, [], -, ^
          Evidence operators - STEM, WILDCARD, WORD
          Proximity operators - NEAR, PARAGRAPH, PHRASE, SENTENCE
          Relational operators - CONTAINS, MATCHES, STARTS, ENDS, SUBSTRING
          Concept operators - AND, OR, ACCRUE
          Score operators - YESNO, PRODUCT, SUM, COMPLEMENT

          and the following type param:
          simple: STEM and MANY operators are implicitly used.
          explicit: operators must be invoked explicitly. Also known as Bool_Plus.
          internet: for documents that are mostly WYSIWIG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) documents. Also known as Internet_advanced.
          internet_basic: minimizes search time.
          natural: specifies the Query By Example (QBE) parser. Also known as FreeText.

          you can do your searchs like:
          <cfsearch collection="products" type="explicit"
          criteria = '<wildcard>`bor{ing,ed}`' name="prodSearch">

          tell me with you have some extra question