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    Swap dataProvider content in list

      I am building an application in Flex using Yahoo! Answers API. The input to this application is a keyword. An API call is made using this keyword. I display all the relevant questions in a list. On clicking on any question, I direct the user to Yahoo Answers relevant webpage. I am trying to do some changes here.

      I want to display the answers in the same list where I had displayed the questions. Effectively, I want to swap the list's content.

      I have tried this with static data, as in where we have data predefined in an array and we use it with the dataProvider. It works fine and you will find many examples doing just that. The problem here is, I am getting the answers data from Yahoo! and am not able to display it in the same list. Can I swap the dataProvider content?

      Another question is: Can I resize each individual item in the list dynamically? ie. depending on the text's size can I resize the item dimensions?

      Should I use any other component? I tried Repeater, but the drawback with it is that I cannot select any item.