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    Premiere Elements 9 Will Not Run


      I have tried installing it several times but running  into the same issue: PRE9 will only open as far as the dialog box to set  new project name.  Somehow the software will not respond to any keyboard  or mouse commands at that dialog box except to mouse click on the X  botton at the top right corner, and one other button whose name escapes  me at the moment.  Nothing happens when I click inside the project name  box to try to change the name, or the Browse button to change the path,  or another other buttons actually.  The only thing it lets me do is  close the software.


      To clarify:  I do get past the load screen.  I can click on Edit, then click on New Project, and that's when the bad dialog box comes up.


      I have tried installing with the software disk and also from a  fresh download from Adobe's site.  Photoshop Elements seems to  work fine though.


      The computer is a Dell i542i desktop with Intel quad Q9300 cpu, 8 GB RAM, Windows 7 Premium 64-bit, ATI 4550 graphics card in dual display mode (42" LCD TV on HDMI and 24" LCD TV on DVI).


      Thanks for any insights.