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    FB (Burrito) - Swap Components in DesignView

    tomaugerdotcom Level 1

      Hi there, I have a pretty basic question but cannot seem to Google the info. Here's a common scenario (for beginners, perhaps more than pros): You start laying out your application - for example - a TabNavigator populated with an HGroup, which is populated with a number of elements. Then you realize: "oh crap, I didn't want HGroup, I wanted Panel".


      My question - how do I swap the HGroup for the Panel component (in DesignView) without losing all that HGroup's content? Of course, I can switch to code and manually change the component tag, but if it's so easy to do by hand, it should be equally easy to do in DesignView. Similar to Flash IDE's Swap Symbol.


      Ideally it should be a context-click. Obviously you can't swap an HBox for a Button. Right-click the offending component - select Swap Component - choose the new component from a pull-down menu of eligible components.


      Anyway, has this feature not been built? Or am I just missing something that ought to be really obvious but just isn't documented very well?