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    replacing legacy twisty code without breaking the twisty

    TheMarcus7 Level 1

      We started using twistys back in 2005, with the original twisty code from grainge.org. We've started using the newer twisty code mentioned, but I haven't been able to figure out a way to update the legacy twisties to the new code without vaporizing the content of the twisty. We've tried scripting it in perl, and the Brute Force find and replace method using FAR.


      With over 2400 to replace, my boss has ruled out the piecework method, but a recent Mozilla Firefox update has rendered our older twisties inert, so I need a solution sooner rather than later.


      Has anyone had any experience with this kind of find and replace project? I can supply a "before" and "after" code sample on request.