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    Using Style Function in AdvancedDataGrid to mess with Colours

    TheGarfunkal Level 1



      I am using a styleFunction in an Advanced  Data grid to change the background colours - the function is bellow


      I can mess with the test to my hearts content, but i cant chage the row background.  Is this possible?


      backgroundcolor is just one of many attempts! Looked everywhere, but aside from using a itemrenderer to override I cant come up with a solution (cant use this due to all kinds of nesting issues)



      Any ideas?




                public function myStyleFunc(data:Object,



                   if (data["RAG"] == "Red")

                      return {color :0xFF0000, backgroundcolor:0xFFF552,fontWeight:'bold',fontStyle:'italic'}; 

                  else if (data["RAG"] == "Amber")

                      return {color :0xf7ba48};

                  else  return {color :0x1bea15};