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    Screen size


      I have a browser based app I'm creating a demo in for using Captivate 5 and I'm having trouble deciding what to do about screen size. The demo will be viewed in the customer's browser and the display settings and monitor sizes will vary. I would really like the entire app and demo controls to be displayed without scrolling or panning but it seems like I can only do this if I resize the the slides prior to publishing the demo. So...


      Is there a rule of thumb or general standard for the published size of a demo?


      Also, is there a way to resize the slides of a demo without distortion?


      Thanks in advance.

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          There have been already different threads in this forum discussing the choice of resolution. There are so many factors to consider, please try the search function and if you have more questions after watching those threads, fire away.


          Rescaling will mostly result in some loss of quality although downscaling is of course better than upscaling. If it is  not possible to capture at the wanted resolution, please bear in mind that downscaling to a smaller resolution with the same width-height ration will be the less harmful solution.