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    Apply a new template in Contribute?


      Have an existing site in Contribute that has hundreds of pages.  How do I update the template applied to all of the pages?  I had 2 ideas:


      1)  Edit the existing template, keeping all the file and editable region names the same (thinking that the next time the page pulls the template, it will pull the new content).


      2) Creating a new template with the same editable region names and finding a command to apply the template to all of the pages.



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          Krishna Prasad B V Level 3



               This can be easily done if you have Dreamweaver. In Dreamweaver, connect to your website, edit the template which you want to change. Make your changes to it, and save it. Then, it will ask whether you want to make changes to the web pages based on this template, click Update to update the changes, or if you do not need to update, you can click Don't Update. Dreamweaver checks out the web pages, and makes the changes.


          Hope this helps.