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    How do I change multiple movieClips properties when a user clicks a button?


      This seems like someting I should already know but I am working on a user interface that I want to be skinable.  I have about 8 different graphical elements and I want to change the appearance of these 8 different movieClips just by clicking a single button.  I thought I would just create a new keyframe in my main time line and then manipulate the movieClips but that changed the appearance of the movie clip on frame 1 as well.  Clarification:  I want to change the color of my user interface background and I want to change the color of some clickable images as well.  I want frame 1 to have a white background and I want frame 2 to have a red background.  Do I need to create more movie clips and drag them onto my stage or can I just use the existing movieClips since all I really want to do is change colors? 


      Thank you.