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    Declaring Callback Functions in CSXS Extension (for Flash)


      A few features offered in Flash's scripting language are handful of event listeners you can attach to Flash that will in tern call any associated JSFL function you've attached to them while Flash is running. You can then listen for events like "documentNew", "documentChange", "mouseMove", etc.


      JSFL Code Would Look Something Like this:


      fl.addEventListener("documentOpened", myDocumentOpenedHandler);
      function myDocumentOpenedHandler()


      My swfPanel registers a callback function, "callBackFunction_InsideFlashPanel" which would handle the event inside the panel.


      This is a way of ensuring my Panel is notified when a change takes place in Flash.


      Adobe has an article about it here:


             http://help.adobe.com/en_US/Flash/10.0_ExtendingFlash/WS4B030CF7-0681-47e3-9E2C-9A6D799980 AA.html


      My question is, how should this be implemented in a CS Extension using the CS SDK?




      Clint G.