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    Instances of SkinnableComponent must be compatible.

    flexy_flex Level 1

      I'm attempting to use Burrito and Panini to create a prototype as demo'd at MAX.


      When I create a Catalyst Compatible project, virtually every component I add causes the following error:

        "Instances of SkinnableComponent must be compatible"


      How do I use spark Image, ComboBox, Scroller, TileGroup, etc in a Catalyst Compatible project?

      If I can't, how can I create a prototype of anything but a simple form?

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          Bear Travis Adobe Employee

          Hi there,


          Glad to hear you're trying out Panini and Burrito! In order to answer your question, I need to point out that the Panini is a preview for the next release of Catalyst. It doesn't support everything you can create in Burrito or Builder yet. What it does support, it supports with reliable, consistent visual tooling. Your experience working with Panini shouldn't degrade as you pass projects back and forth with Burrito.


          This means that some features aren't in Panini yet, which includes tooling for some spark components (including the ones you mentioned). We are aware that this places some pretty tight restrictions on Panini projects. While we are working to loosen these in the future, we're still hoping that opening up the des-dev workflow will be valuable to our users.



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            flexy_flex Level 1

            Thanks for the info.


            The opening up of the round-trip process is definately a great thing.  I'm itching to get my visual designer and ui developer building apps together.


            I'll keep my eye out for updates.