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    Director 11.5 Evaluation - projectors disabled?




      I'm downloaded an evaluation copy of Director 11.5. I am looking to purchase so I can produce both PC & Mac projectors.


      Unfortunately, both projector options in Publish Settings are disabled. Is this because it is an evaluation version - if so, it really cuts short my evaluation!


      Otherwise, is there something possibly missing in my configuration. (It's on Windows XP SP3, 512 M Ram). I've tried re-creating my old development environment from Director 8.5, even copied over the new xtras to an xtras folder. Nothing works.


      Anyone with ideas or knowledge of this problem?



      Greg Tobin


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          HeathkitGreg Level 1

          ... by the way;


          I ran into this problem with both an old source file converted from Director 8.5 as well as a simple new stub projector as suggested in a previous discussion (as shown below). The projector options remained gray/disabled. I'm sad.


          Greg Tobin



          2. Open Director. Double click on the first frame of the "Frame Script Channel" and add this code.


              on exitFrame me


          3.  Save the file as “Stub.dir” in the same folder as “Main.dir” and then  Publish.   You just created a "Stub" projector. This is a standard  practice among Director developers. Since the publishing setting are set  to default, your program should come up in the projector. Close it.


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            Sean_Wilson Adobe Community Professional

            I know that disabling projector creation was once one of the "features" of the trial version, but I thought this had been re-enabled. Does the Help -> Updates... menu option work? That is, does it update the authoring environment? That might re-enable it.


            Alternatively, take the file named "projec32.skl" from the authoring folder, rename it "stub.exe" or some such, and use this as your stub. You'll need a file named "stub.ini" (or whatever) next to it with an entry like:

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              HeathkitGreg Level 1

              Thanks Sean! The update did the trick. Apparently the re-enabling of projector publishing is in the update.


              Greg T