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    11 Nice Features with New Awesome & easy Magnetic Pen Tool (Updated)

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      1.      Scale effects during the scaling object, in the control bar there is more space (Empty) that will be the helpful to show you the example of the picture that I have made myself, when you transform any object, you will see these options in the control bar.Scale Effects.jpg



      2.      Save preset of filters in filter gallery:- will be really powerful, it must be exchangeable so that we could send that preset to any one, it must be applicable on percentage(%) of document size, (depends on document resolution).


      3.     Filter gallery must be the (live filter gallery), if this works on any raster object without converting to smart object, this will be helpful for creating live PSD.



      4.     History panel:- history panel must save the history of document. It will be helpful and powerful, we could apply that history to any document like actions, and history should not be saved with document itself, it must be separate like actions, create 2 arrows in the bottom of panel like layer combs’ panel, to check the history, if any step is wrong we could be able to remove that step,


      5.   Also create/convert history into action, see the pic as example,

      Hst to atn.jpg


      If (to Adobe Photoshop Team) history saving is not a good idea! Then before closing the document you must convert history into actions, when any person saves document and has forgotten converting history into actions and wants to close the document, at that time that dialogue must be opened, (Do you want to convert your history into actions, when you open (that) document again you will miss history, and also must create a CHECK BOX for don’t show again.



      6.     Layers Group:- In the group (folder) we move the objects with move tool and it moves all grouped objects that’s much better, but when we open the group (Folder), after opening it moves also all grouped object !!!, that’s not perfect, I suggest you how to do it, double click on grouped any object to open the group then move any object, and double click on any grouped object to close the group (folder). ( like Illustrator )


      7.      Photoshop Extended can create powerful creative animation with audio and animation panel support completely the smart object and smart object makes animation really smart. But the problem is that it takes too much time to generate animation of few seconds and generated video file size is very large up to 1.GB.
              Here is solution, like new document dialogue box under the Device Central button it shows the document size, as hint, same way in the render video dialogue box it must show the file size and generating time and reducing file size hints.
              I had created (20 months ago) in Photoshop extend CS3  really awesome animation of earth, from where it starts it ends there, and shadows on earth are really awesome, map that moves to the shadow side, it changes from day to night and in the shadows you can see the roads’ and cities’ lights’ just like real night map photo it happens like naturally cause of smart object, I have two photos of the map day and night used for animation, you can see that creative animation on youtube.

      (Link)= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sd86xGIkQxM





      watch this animation in full screen Mode, b/c Youtube has reduced the Quality of Video.


      8.   Welcome Screen:- Why welcome Screen is necessary?
                      Adobe’s all products must be linked with Design sequence. (Interface)
      Design Standard Suite which itself is a famous  printing and publishing suite for design ( creation) layout, must keep same sequence of all products and should not affect the attraction,
                      Example for Interface, now if CS6 all programs are created with new interface will you don’t change the Photoshop's interface???

      Here are my Design Sequences Examples

      These Pictures I have Designed in Illustrator






      Photoshop with Welcome Screen Looking like Illustrator & Indesign now it matching with its Family.


      Benifits of Welcome Screen for ( New ) user


      • A.    Many people don't know that Photoshop has free few samples with it these are nice example to understand that what photoshop can do!
      • B.    Photoshop Exchange : is really Necessary : for to exchange Workspace, color profile, Actions, Key Board Shortcuts, Layer Styles,    Swatches, Filter Gallery Presets & PSDs etc.
      • C.    This will be helpful for New Users TV.Adobe.com they will watch free teqchniques, as see this welcome screen.
      • D.     Any older user don't want to see the welcome screen that person can turn on that check box (Don't Show Again).


      • 9. Pen Tool + Magnetic Pen Tool =

      In my idea pen tool is the perfect tool for vector drawing it gives us perfect result as we want. but about those people like (Toys-R-Us (One Really Big Pen Tool Shortcoming) or other like him, if they can't understand, although pen tool is very easy to use, & he wants short key without going back for to breatck the handle, (for those people) if you want to create short key then short key should be "c or any easy" press to breat the handle, then press again to get back handle again during the using pen tool, or create a magnetic pen tool it must work like magnetic lasso tool works for selection, it will be the best & easy to use & to understand, during to use this tool if it goes to wrong way simply press back space key to go back to last step same like Magnetic Lasso.

      (Awesome Magnetic Pen Tool)

      or create pen tool like fireworks its pen tool shows next click's preview (very nice pen tool is in fireworks to understand ( really Awesome )


      • 10. keyboard shortcuts like Illustrator for Blend Modes Next , Previous & Opacity 10 to 90, I had started to learn Illustrator CS3 & since CS3 I use these shortcuts for that, (~)tildi for next blend mode, Shift (~) tildi for previous mode, & opacity 10=1 key 20=2 to 90=9 key


      • 11.PANEL ICONS Should be Attached under or above the tool Bar but not on Right or Left Side only ( like Indeign CS2 ).


      • Note :-

      I shall appreciate your frank comments on the above suggestions.


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