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    why doesn't  <list> component identify <grid> component


      I have couple of doubts.
      1. I put <grid> component inside of <List> component . Surprise! The <List> component is not identifying the <Grid> component. Is this bug of Flex Or it's property of Flex <List> component.

      What I have to do to make <Grid> visible even I put inside of <List> component.

      2. what is an equilanat of <Table> in Flex. Ofcourse it may be DataGrid. Suppose If I use DataGrid I have lot of restrictions.

      These are the problems I am facing with <DataGrid>

      ( i ) Is this possible to put radio button / link bar as one of column in a row. I mean how to put radio button / link bar as row in array

      ( ii ) Is it possible to make columns in a row as variable sizes i.e. suppose if DataGrid header has size=100. Is it possible to make column of next row size as 200.

      anybody help me in this regard. I am eagarly waiting for reply.Because I have been strugling to solve this problem for last 4 days.

      Siva Kumar