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    ModuleLoader in DataGrid

      Hey Guys, I'm in desperate need of help. I'm attempting to make a "Module" system in flex similar to what you see on iGoogle. So what i have attemted to do is have 3 vertical datagrids that have an itemRenderer and display an mx:ModuleLoader which loads up an external swf file. The reson i've done this is to have drag and drop support. I can use this to move the modules from one datagrid to another. Everything works great, except for every now and then i recieve the follow error.

      "TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.
      at ::ModuleInfo/completeHandler()"

      Its quite random when it appears. It is always on the load, and most of the time only appears after i clear my browsers cache. I have no idea what ModuleInfo is and/or where that completeHandler is located. I've been stuck with this problem for the past 3 days. I'm open to any and all suggestions. The only way i can get it to not error is if i don't use a datagrid. It will work fine in a repeater, but any "lst" type components it reacts the same way. I've also attempted to add drag and drop support to a vbox so I wouldn't have to use a list component, but I struggled to get this working as needed.

      Thanks in advance,