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    Which files need installation for Photoshop and Premiere Elements 9

    kimmersly Level 1

      In the list of files for download for the Photoshop and Premiere Elements 9 Plus package that I just purchased,

      (Windows 7) there is a single "Premiere Content ALL" file of ~4.2GB.  There are also 6 files called "Premiere

      Content 1" (and 2 2nd 3), and "Premiere Content 1 HD" (and 2 and 3).


      After smooth installs of the PSE and PRE programs proper, in doing the install of the "Premiere Content ALL"

      file, it seems like the "Content 1-3 and 1-3 HD"  files were included in it (judging by the file nmes flashing on

      the screen during the install, and in poking around in the install directory).


      What I would like to know is: are the 6 Content 1-3 and 1-3 HD file included in the Content ALL file, and if so,

      are they at the same revision level as what's in the Content ALL file.


      I don't want to just try installing the individual Content files over the ALL file install, as that might well screw

      something or other up.


      I tried getting an answer to this on the phone with Adobe support, but could not get an unambiguous answer

      from either of the two support people I spoke to.


      Any help would be appreciated.


      Thanks ...



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          You can check if your templates are installed by the simple method of running the program and trying to use one of the DVD Templates of which there are 2 GB or Movie Themes (1.87 GB).  That's a lot of templates.  If they are not installed you'll just get a few.  Also check your disk drive in

          C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Elements 9 and look for the Folders for the DVD templates or Movie Themes.

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            kimmersly Level 1

            Thanks for the reply.   The real question though was/is are ALL the files contained in the 6 separate content archive files

            (Content 1, Content 2, Content 3, Content HD 1, Content HD 2, and Content HD 3) also contained in the single archive

            file called Content ALL?


            Since I was unable to get a definitive answer to that question, I went ahead and downloaded all 7 of the Content archive

            files, extracted all of the archived files in the *.7z files and compared the timestamps and sizes of the files in the 6 individual archives to the timestamps and sizes of the files from the "ALL" archive.   The files within the 6 archives matched those

            in the ALL archive.


            And since the sizes of all 7 *.exe files are identical, I suspect they are all the same and simply invoke an unarchiver

            for their respective 7z file, using their own filename as the argument to the builtin program.


            The overall result is that I have verified to my own satisfaction that the contents of the 6 individual Content XX files

            *are* contained within the single Content ALL file.


            It would have been NICE if Adobe had bothered to TELL their customers that, so they wouldn't spend twice the time in

            downloading 6 unnecessary files which in reality just duplicate the ALL file.   Plus in my case, spending an hour or

            two verifying that the contents of the 6 files were also in the ALL file.   Sheesh.


            C'est la vie ...