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    Flash Form and Navigation Button Issue (DoFSCommand)


      In short, How can I get a <cfinput type="button" to send out a javascript command to change the current page location.

      I have this code:
      When I click on the HTML type button, the relocation happens as expected.
      When I click on the equivalent cfform button, it does not.

      I'm guessing it is something in the syntax of the onClick event, but I have to say I'm lost. Flash MX documentation says this should work right (?)


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          bryn50 Level 1
          Replying to my own posts again...

          the answer came in the Flex 1.5 documents for Actionscript 3 (I assume this is what CF 8 has behind the scenes).
          The doc says:
          "In ActionScript 3.0, the functionality of the External API is provided by the ExternalInterface class."...
          "If you need to use the old fscommand() function--for example, to maintain compatibility with older applications or to interact with a third-party SWF container application or the stand-alone Flash Player--it is still available as a package-level function in the flash.system package."

          However I'd like to make the point that no-where anywhere in the CF documentation is even one tiny example of the use of action script coding to enhance the basic functionality of CFForm. To much to ask ?

          Oh yes, and one other thing, it seems as though the getURL actionscript command does what I needed to do in this case.


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            Alain Levy-s3SmK8

            In relation to communication issues between Flash and Javascript: I am trying to get Javascript to talk to my Flash form, but I can't get it to work.
            I would like at least to be able to change the value of a hidden field in my form, or even better to execute an actionscript function, from Javascript.
            I believe the answer lies somewhere around the ExternalInterface.addCallback function, but I just can't get it to work.

            I am trying to do this because I have a flash form with a tab navigator and the showing tab is bound to a hidden field.So far so good...I am now trying to use the new CF8 CFmenu functionality to control which tab shows. That's why I need it!

            Any guidance appreciated! Thanks a lot!

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              bryn50 Level 1
              Hi Alain,

              Not sure if I can help directly however I found the following.
              a) biggest issue was deciding which version of actionscript documentation to read. I decided upon Flex Actionscript version 1.5 and this seems to hold out, even with CF8. Not happy with Adobe's lack of any kind of example for actionscripting within CFFORM/Flash which would have helped just to get me started. I found not even one tiny example in all the docs I read.
              b) I never got javascript talking to the flash form or vice-versa. I went for purely actionscript within the flash form and it seems to work.
              c) I can see why you need it to work, and if you find out please let me know, I will be fascinated as I had in mind to do some things like that for my own App (e.g. I suspect will sooner or later not be able to avoid this issue myself.).

              Cheers and best of luck..

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                bryn50 Level 1
                Try the attached script.

                I remain convinced that for some reason Adobe have nobbled (technical term) the functioning of the external interface in flash <cfform>s Dont know why, but unexplained.
                Neither externalinterface nor fscommand seem to work as best I can tell. (see attached).

                Interestingly mx.external.ExternalInterface.available does seem to get a 'false' return value (instead of an error message like flash.external.ExternalInterface gets you.).....

                Like I say, if you happen to crack this one, please do let us all know. ;-))

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                  Alain Levy-s3SmK8 Level 1
                  Hi, and thanks +++ for your reply and the code... I can't get it to work either, it drives me mad...
                  I wish asfusion would get their teeth on it, they are just the best! Unfortunately, they are not much into flash forms these days, just flex...

                  Will keep you posted - and everyone else! - if I can get it to work!

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                       i have the same problem also...on how to communicate normal button to cfinput button. Did you find out how to solve this?

                    Pls let me know.   Many thanks,


                    I just want to click the button of cfform flash using a normal button outside.