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    Debugging Toolkit for Lightroom 3 SDK

    johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

      I'm making available my Debugging Toolkit, which I've used for the last month in my own development.  It provides some basic debugging tools:


      - strict.lua: The standard script from the Lua distribution that detects undeclared global variables (usually typos).


      - Require.lua: A replacement for the standard require that provides the ability to reload all files and to define a search path for loading .lua files from shared directories.


      - debugscript.lrdevplugin: Provides quick, easy loading and reloading of scripts (whether or not they're part of a plugin), error trapping, and automatic display of the offending source line in your favorite text editor.


      - Debug.lua: A standalone debugging module that provides an interactive debugger with breakpoints, stack traces, and evaluation of expressions; a "pretty printer" that nicely formats any Lua value (including nested and circular tables); some logging tools; and a rudimentary elapsed-time profiler for functions.


      Each of these components can be used standalone, without the others.


      Download it from:




      Feedback appreciated, though I may not be able to act on it.