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    Why loadfile() can not load file on web?

    WrongAgain Level 1


      I find loadfile() can not load file on web (It can work in Director and in projector). I try this simple example. Look this picture:


      Very simple, I want to click the button and the new objects (a pyramid and a sphere) will be added into the 3d scene.


      The scripts of the button are as follows:


      global scene

      on mouseUp me

        scene = member("3dScene")

        put "scene.state=" & scene.state & RETURN after member("t_Debug")

        scene.loadfile(the moviePath & "_LimnPanoResS.w3d",false,true)



      In Director and in projector, it is OK. This picture is the snapshot of projector:



      But when the files are put on the web, it cannot work. I find loadfile() cannot finish the loading. The snapshot picture is as follows:LoadFailOnWeb.JPG

      I put the whole movie on here:



      Checked the state of the 3D member, and I found it was always 1. If it is normal, it can become 4 or –1.



      Why? I use Director MX 2004.