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    Frustrating Low Audio Levels in PP CS5

    Toomany3 Level 1

      Any light you can shed on this would be awesome!


      Simple problem: My audio levels are dead on in camera--Just at the sweet point before clipping. We are using lav mics on Sony EX1rs. Everything on the camera/mic side is set perfect with the confirmation at each level (transmitter, receiver, LCD display).


      BUT..... when I import anything into Premiere, the audio levels are outrageously low. I render out a project and you can hardly hear anything. I watch my audio monitor in Premiere and it's giving me similar readings to what I saw on the camera side--sweet spot readings, no clipping, but not too soft. But what's displayed isn't how it sounds. (And, yes, speakers are turned up and checked).


      I then crank up the sequences with some volume adjustments or audio gain and the clip is still very quiet, but clipping out like crazy.


      Any ideas?