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    Bluray H264 specs


      I have started working with CS5 and Sony DVD Architect Pro to create bluray discs.


      I am having trouble with sony recognising anything M4P to come out of CS5 to date.


      Tonight, I output a MPEG-Bluray at 25Mbps (1920x1080, 25i) and it imported ok, but cannot get the M4P file working


      The M4P file also failed to open in Quicktime which leads me to think that CS5 is the problem.


      As the MPEG4 file format is superior to the MPG2 file I am at a loss as to why it doesn't come out with the standard H254-bluray setting.


      Anyone able to assist on this?

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          davidbeisner2010 Level 3

          Never used the Sony DVD Authoring program, but why not just use Encore with Dynamic Link? I know that works great for Blu-ray...

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            Ausdigital Level 1

            I have never used Encore before, does it support Bluray authoring with Java?  Pop Up menus etc?


            As I have Sony DVD Architect, I would prefer Premiere Pro CS5 to at least output a file format that I can use with what I currently have.


            So, anyone out there with the correct Bluray specs that I should be outputting please advise.


            There is little information, even less that seems dubious, about the specs required.  I have read that 25i for PAL should work, 25p will not.  50p will not, 60p for NTSC or 30i should work.  24 frames should work as progressive.  So much misinformation available.

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              shooternz Level 6
              As I have Sony DVD Architect, I would prefer Premiere Pro CS5 to at least output a file format that I can use with what I currently have.



              So why doesnt Sony DVD Architect tell you what you require?


              PPRO Users would most likely direct link to Encore and use the BluRay presets provided.

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                Ausdigital Level 1

                Good Point.  It does recognise as its allowable file types MP4, M4V and MPEG-4.  The manual suggests that the imported file may be 1920x1080 and up to 40Mbps including the audio at 25i for PAL or 23.976 for NTSC or 24p for FILM.


                It imported an MPEG2 file created at 25Mbps so why not the MP4 file ?!?


                So, I tried to open the file with Quicktime and play it back... it is not recognised.


                Now I have done this several times from Premiere Pro CS5 with different bit rates for the H264-Bluray option in Export Media.  Not one of the MP4 files will open.


                As MP4 is a better quality or at the very least smaller file size then the equivalent MPEG2 file it is preferred.  I don't believe the issue is with the Bluray authoring software but with Premiere Pro itself.  Further reading on bluray suggests that it is very specific with frame rates and bit rates which suprises me that Premiere will allow me to export something that is NOT compatible.

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                  shooternz Level 6

                  I doubt the issue is that PPRO "allows" you to export something "non compatible" deliberatley.


                  Adobe applications are not "proprietary" like Apple is for example.


                  PPro "knows" what is required for Blu Ray DVD


                  It has been suggested that you use the Encore workflrow and you choose to use something else.


                  It is up to you to establish the requirement for the application /workflow of your choice. and  I am certain the Adobe app will oblige you.

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                    Ausdigital Level 1

                    Thanks Ann... but....


                    I have created video files with the spec 1920 × 1080 16x9 25.00   Interlaced  which is listed in that post.


                    It will not open as a MP4 with Media Player / Quicktime / CovertxtoDVD / Sony DVD Architect Pro.


                    The MPEG2 file will.


                    So, I am wondering about additional bluray settings... main profile, upper or lower, etc that may have an impact on what is standard for bluray.

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                      Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      Your file should be m4v and can be played in the wmp or Powerdvd.

                      Lower your profile to Main, maybe that will help.

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                        joe.fannta Level 1

                        I'm having the same issue with CS5.5, it just fails on importing mpeg4 video exported from premiere. Did someone figure that out?

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                          Jim_Simon Level 8

                          Try not to spread the same question through multiple threads, Joe.  Better to ask only once and keep things organized.

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                            Ausdigital Level 1

                            Never worked out the issue, instead I moved onto Encore and used both exported m4v and dynamic linked files from Premiere Pro CS5.


                            Hope you have more luck then I did....


                            Now I am an Encore convert.... don't use any other blu-ray authoring software.

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                              joe.fannta Level 1

                              well, if you are calling Encore as an blu-ray authoring software than I'm batman. After spending and playing with encore I've figure out that encore is just not usable applicaton at all. They still didnt fix the problem with seamless transitions between the menus, which I thing it is very important and have still problems with flash export (they did fix some issues with loop point but now in CS6 there is problem with transitions...) ...

                              It is just giving me headache, Adobe should focus on improving their applications in stability and fully working featerues instead of adding new ones that works for 50%.