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    Dynamically setting the image of an xfa image field




      We try to dynamically change the appearance of an image field.

      We prepare a JPEG file then we convert the entire file to a Base64

      encoded string and successfully store the string in a global variable.

      We see the string by Ctrl Enter in the javascript debugger.

      The problem is that the Image Field appearance doesn't change.

      Here is the actual javascript code that we use:


      var tmpField = this.getField("form1[0].#subform[0].imgTestField[0]");

      app.alert(tmpField.name); // To make sure the field is accessed.


      tmpField.value = global.B64_Image_String; //  global.B64_Image_String had a Base64 encoding string.


      Probably we miss a method or a property of the image field.

      Any suggestions to how to make it work ?


      Kind regards,