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    Autolaunch of swf file from CD

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      Is there a way to burn a swf file to a dvd/cd and have the swf file automatically launch when the cd is inserted into the computer? If so, can anyone tell me how to do this?

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          create a file called autorun.inf with notepad and with this in the document.

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            No no, first publish the SWF as a Projector file first see Publish Settings
            in Flash. This way the Flash Player is already built-in into the exe along
            with SWF, so your users will not be required to have the Flash plug-in.

            Hope this helps.

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              A projector is fine but is a problem when trying to open a popup link. To get around that, I just use the autorun to open the swf. How can you make a call to open the swf in internet explorer? Something like:

              open=start iexplore.exe %cdrom%/main.swf

              That should work, as you can start iexplore.exe www.adobe.com as well as start iexplore.exe c:\main.swf
              However, XP no longer uses %cdrom%. I've tried just doing:

              open=start iexplore.exe main.swf

              This kicks an error. Any ideas? Remember, the goal is for the autorun to launch main.swf into IE. I've even tried autorunning a batch file that detects the cdrom and uses that to open the swf. This also kicks an error from cd, but is fine when run locally (w/the cd in).
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                Hello there - Im hitting a similar problem for a non-web deployed flash monster & hoping you could help if you are still active on the forum?


                Many thanks,