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    Place a pic in a pdf form?

    Jim Vujovich

      I've been working with pdf forms to allow people to customize flyers, business cards, etc. with their own information.

      I'd now like to create a form that allows someone to place their own picture in a specified box or place on the form.

      (They will be on their own to get the size and proportions correct.)

      I'm pretty sure it's not possible with AppleScript, but is it possible with javascript?

      My forms start in InDesign, if that matters, and I'm working with CS4. Thanks.

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          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          It's possible with JavaScript, but it does not work with Reader, which is stupid. The buttonImportIcon method presents the user with the image file selection dialog.


          A form created with LiveCycle Designer can include an image field, which does work with Reader, but this doesn't come with Mac version of Acrobat.


          It is also possible with Reader if the document has been Reader enabled if the user can get the image pasted to the clipboard first. They can then paste the image as a stamp, which can then be resized and even rotated. You just have to teach them how to do this.