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    problem in buttons

    san00001 Level 1

      i created repeated buttons the code is given below.but am getting problem while giving effects in click event.
      animation is happening for click of all buttons.i want to do animation whle clicking a particular button.
      but the buttons should be dynamically repeated buttons.hw to code .pls help me

      public var myArray:Array=["Home","Admin","PIM","Leave","Reports","Bug Tracker"];

      <mx:ArrayCollection id="myAC" source="{myArray}"/>
      <mx:HBox id="mnubox" x="1400" y="222" width="420" height="31" horizontalGap="2">
      <mx:Repeater id="myrep" dataProvider="{myAC}">
      <mx:Button id="but" click="currentState='two';moveComp()" label="{myrep.currentItem}" fillColors="[#00ffff, #804000]" borderColor="#c0c0c0" fillAlphas="[0.8, 0.51]"/>