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    Background render engines not all processing footage the same?

    Navarro Parker Level 3

      I have a project that rendered last night where one of the source movies blinks off and on. It's like some of the background render engines weren't processing that Quicktime movie at all.


      From the log, it appears that the background engines eventually stop contributing any frames  and AE foreground app did all the rendering on its own. And from that point on, the render is fine.  (And yes, all the source footage is without errors)


      Any ideas about why certain background engines would process footage correctly and some would omit it completely? And why they would eventually stop contributing frames at all? 


      Mac Pro (mid 2010) dual hexacore, 32GB RAM, ATI 5780, AE 10.0.1


      Using Todd's new recommended settings:

      10GB Reserved for other apps

      3GB minimum per instance

      Resulted in 6 background instances.