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    installer file is damaged

    beaver971 Level 1

      I can't install the .AIR file created by my Flex Builder 3 (SDK 3.5 with AIR SDK 2.5).

      I compiled my Air project, executed without any trouble (also in debug mode) but when trying to install on my pc (Windows XP) I get this error message from AIR installer:


      The application could not be installed because the installer file is  damaged. Try obtaining a new installer file from the application author


      Viewing air logs I've found the following lines:


      [2010-11-03:16:33:00] Application Installer begin with version on Windows XP x86
      [2010-11-03:16:33:00] Commandline is: "C:\Documents and Settings\....air"
      [2010-11-03:16:33:00] Installed runtime ( located at c:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe AIR
      [2010-11-03:16:33:01] Unpackaging file:///C:/Documents....tmp
      [2010-11-03:16:33:01] Application signature verified
      [2010-11-03:16:33:01] Unpackaging/validation complete
      [2010-11-03:16:33:01] Got an unexpected fatal error while unpackaging: [ErrorEvent type="error" bubbles=false cancelable=false eventPhase=2 text="Unknown namespace: http://ns.adobe.com/air/application/2.0beta2" errorID=0]
      [2010-11-03:16:33:03] Application Installer end with exit code 7


      My PC has AIR runtime version 2.5, but previously AIR 2 beta2 was installed... then removed.


      I tried to clean registry entries and to reinstall AIR 2.5 but with no luck.


      Installation on a "clean" pc which had no AIR beta version has been successful.


      Thanks for suggestions...