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    ComboBox on RollOver

    luciewong Level 1
      I have a combo displaying all Fonts available on the users system.
      On click, a text field shows the selected item, the Font's name and the item is displayed in the selected font. This works fine.

      ComListenerB.change = function(){
      var obj = myComboB.selectedItem;
      showFont.text = obj.label;
      myformatFont = new TextFormat();
      myformatFont.color = 0x666666;
      myformatFont.font = obj.label;
      myformatFont.size = 10;
      myformatFont.align = "center";
      myComboB.addEventListener("change", ComListenerB);

      I would like to have the same action already on RollOver, so the client can see, which Font he is going to select.

      ComListenerB.itemRollOver = function(evt:Object){
      //>>put the same code here as above
      //but does not work??

      myComboB.addEventListener("itemRollOver", ComListenerB);

      Thank you for your help.