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    FB (Burrito) - Install Eclipse Plug-ins

    tomaugerdotcom Level 1

      Hello, there is a fantastic Eclipse-compatible plugin called VASGen (which allows you to draw UML diagrams and then export the AS3 code) .


      I'm new to Eclipse and Flash Builder. I've tried to install the plugin by:


      A) downloading the .jar file to my local and then pointing the Help > Install New Software > Work With... to the location of the download (no joy)

      B) pointing the Work With... to http://selfmummy.appspot.com/vasgen or http://selfmummy.appspot.com/vasgen/Vasgen-0.2.1.jar and still no joy


      The documentation for VASGen says that it "is designed to run as an Eclipse plug-in, standalone executable JAR, or via JNLP (aka Web Start)."


      I really can't find any additional information about how to install Eclipse plugins in FB - even the community help doesn't seem to have a topic for that.


      Any insights would be appreciated.