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    Flex 4 - how to get scrollbars to show if app is smaller than screen size?

    martinjconnolly Level 1

      Hi all,

      I have an application that I have migrated to FB4. It has a fairly wide datagrid (1400 pixels). For most of my users that's fine but some use an external monitor with a 1280-wide display. For them the right hand side of the grid is cut off. I could put "horizontalScrollPolicy=on" on the datagrid but it completely messes up the column widths, and they line up with text above the grid so that's not a solution. If I enclose the datagrid in an mx:Panel with "horizontalScrollPolicy=on" that doesn't help because the data all fits within the grid so the scrollbar is not active. What I really need is for the whole application to have scrollbars that activate if the browser size is smaller than the application size. Is there any way to do this, or can anyone else suggest an alternative approach? Can Flash Player zoom out for example?