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    ComboBoxes with Variables from PHP

      Alright, I've gotten myself all turned around.
      First off, this is for a chat room (but the chat room code itself is not involved)
      Basically what I'm trying to do is this: You log in... from there it gives you a ComboBox with YOUR nicknames (a list of say, ten, retrieved from an SQL Database). When you choose one of the Nicknames from the ComboBox, it puts a colorhex into an input box (the one you usually use with that nickname), as well as an "entrance message" you usually use with that nickname. Now, as far as putting the info into the database, I'm going to use PHP pages instead of flash, so no worries there. What I'm having trouble with is retrieving the info from the SQL and making it be the options in the ComboBox (this is my first time working with the ComboBox)... and then making it put the subseqent info into the other boxes. I can make it post to the CGI chat room no problem... just having issues retrieving the info and making it display like I want....Help??