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    Running a simple psychology experiment online


      Hi everyone,


      I am not sure if what I want to do can be accomplished with Flex, but I'm hoping someone might be able to advise me.


      I have a script written in E-Prime for an experiment that measures subjects' reaction times to a simple comparison task. The design of the experiment is such that the subjects need to run the experiment daily for 3 weeks, which is why I intend to have them run it from their homes, online (through a web browser), rather than asking them to come each day into the lab.


      It's quite important that I be able to review the subjects' progress over the course of the 3 weeks, by accessing the data files produced by the experiment. I would not need tremendous accuracy for the measurement of reaction times (+/- 100 ms would be fine).


      I realise there probably aren't many ways of converting the existing E-Prime code into something that can be ran online (e.g. Flex), but since what the experiment does is relatively simple, I could probably have a go at rewriting it in Flex myself - except I'm not sure exactly how I'd need to combine the use of Flex, Flex SDK and Flash Builder for this.


      I'm also not sure about where to "host" the application, and where the data files produced by each run of the experiment would be stored.


      Any advice that could put me on the right track would be greatly appreciated - many thanks in advance for any replies!


      PS: I've also asked about this on the E-Prime forum, without much success..