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    Problem w/ Inspectable Properties in Design View

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      I am trying to get inspectable properties to show up in the design view, but the are not showing up in the properties panel.


      I followed this tutorial to set it up: http://blog.another-d-mention.ro/programming/create-professional-flex-components/


      Included in my Library Project:





      <?xml version="1.0"?>
          <component id="TextContent" class="vls.content.components.TextContent"/>







      <?xml version="1.0" ?>
                <namespace prefix="vls" uri="xxxxxxx" />
                <category id="elements" label="Page Elements" defaultExpand="true" />
                <component name="TextContent" namespace="vls" category="elements" displayName="Text Content">
                          <textfield id="groupName" name="Group Name:" />




      and the component:




      package vls.content.components
           import spark.components.Group;
           public class TextContent extends Group
                public function TextContent()
                [Inspectable(category="General", type="String", defaultValue="")]
                public var groupName:String;




      In the main app (the one importing the above lib), I do get the component listed in the "Page Elements" category as expected. However, there is no "Group Name" property input in the properties panel for this component.


      Any ideas what I'm missing?


      I'm using Burrito / Hero if it matters.



      Thanks for your time!