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    Fade Image acts not correct

    suntrop Level 1

      I've the new Fireworks CS3 and find out that Fade Image ( Commands > Creative > Fade Image) dosn't work correct like in my old FW 8.

      When I want to fade an image from left to right and select the seccond square click OK, Fireworks will fade the image from top to bottom. Instead of fading it from top to bottom (exact from top to the last pixel on bottom) it fades the image about 50% over it till the middle of the image. Except the circular fade every command acts not accurate.

      I guess that there is something wrong with my FW or the "Fade Image.swf", because nobody seems to have same problems with it and I have read that somebody in this forum has written "I took the graphic, Create / Fade Image. Looks good."

      So what could it be? Maybe CS3 hasn't updated its prefernces or something else correctly.

      I have uploaded the SWf file, so someone could please look inside?

      Can anybody help?

      Thanks in advanced.