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    Laptops for Adobe Premiere CS5


      I was wondering if a Laptop would be a good solution for Adobe Premiere CS5, with the possibility of using the Mercury Playback engine.  I understand that a laptop would not be as powerful as a tower system, but I was looking for a laptop with decent power to do a decent job with Adobe Premiere CS5 .  I have found a few canidates and was wondering what were people thoughts  on laptops with Premiere CS5.


      #1 MSI GT660R  --  The one has Nvidia GTX 285M with Raid 0


      #2 HP Elitebook 8740W  --  uses NVidia Quadro FX 3800M


      #3 Tohsiba Qosmio -- uses NVidia GTX 460M, and I would have to tweak Adobe Premiere CS5 for the MPE.


      If nessary  I had plans of using SSD.