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    Sounds within components, attachSound.

    Rocket Ron
      Hi there,

      I'm having problems when using sounds within a component. The component contains code that attaches and starts a sound, this works as expected when the component SWF is run on its own.

      However, when I export the SWC file and install the component into another FLA, either attachSound or start fails. If I copy and export the sounds within the main .FLA (still attaching and starting from within the component) everything works fine.

      I've traced the Sound object before calling attachSound and start and it exists so there must be some kind of export problem with the sound file itself. My component MovieClip exports the sounds in frame 1 so they should be pulled into the SWC.

      Is this a Flash bug or am I confused as to how sound exporting works ? Any help would be very much appreciated.