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    Is this possible in flash?

    scharles415 Level 1

      I have been mostly programming in java and new to flash. I am designing a web based webcam/video application. I need following functionality. Can this be done in flash? For the purposes of this discussions, the application is basically many to many webcam based video chat.


      1) blurring of the webcam video on remote computer. Meaning the other person will see your stream blurred. Will I be able to achieve this by just low frame rate transmission? that way  I can save the bandwidth as well? or I will have to use special effects in the flash. I do not want to have a blank window during inactive time. There is some value for the blurred motion in my application design.

      2) when the user on remote computer wishes to chat with you then he/she will either move the cursor on the flash player or click a buttton to activate the chat. This will create some kind  The activation basically takes the blurring away. Then the regular video chat begins.