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    I must be doing something wrong...

    Carro000 Level 1



      I'm really new to HTML5 & CSS3, and I'm trying to construct a website with this.

      It looks fine in all browsers but in IE 7 & 8 it's a disaster! What is wrong, can somebody please help me!

      The page (only the index page is ready) is uploaded at this address: http://www.kennelmannequins.se/egun/index.html


      Thanks in advance!


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          pziecina Level 6

          Hi Carolin


          First remove all iecc's from your css files, also check that your link to the htc file is correct. Also your use of the ms filters is incorrect -

          1. you cannot 'chain' filter' declarations together, (in theory yes, but it often does not work).
          2. the ms-filter declarations for IE8, should come before the 'old' filter declarations for IE7 and below.
          3. Include the ms filter declarations in your normal css file. IE9 will ignore them providing the css3 equivalent is declared before the ms filter declaration, (where applicable).


          The cleartype fix may have to be applied to the relevant css declarations as appropriate AFTER the ms filter declarations.


          When developing html5 / css3 , and using the ms filter effects to simulate css3, do so one at a time and test before applying the next filter, (apply the cleartype fix as required).



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            Carro000 Level 1

            Thanks a lot for your help!

            I'm not getting it right just yet, but I'm working on it, so hopefully it will be looking a lot better shortly