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    No Index in the Chm file


      Hi All:

           I'm working with RH8 to make a chm file.


           After i generate the chm file, there is no "Index" showing in the book, although i check the tab already in the "Window Properties"  -> Tri-pane Tabs and Windows - > "TOC & Index". And I have index file in the project. Is this the right place to check this item?


           Thanks a lot for help.

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          RoboColum(n) Level 5

          There may be an index file but is there an index keyword in it? If there isn't the index does not appear.


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            PerfectlyLonely Level 1

            Hi, thank you for your help.


            But there are quite a  lot of index keywords in the Index file. Each topic has several  keywords. More information about this project:


            1. This is a merged help. I checked in the "Project Settings" -> Index, i chose "Add New Keywords to Index File (HHK)".


            2.  I set "Microsoft HTML Help" as Primary Layout, in the "Properties"  window, i select all TOC, Index as default ones. In "Additional  Options", i select "Apply to all Topics -> CSS (catalog.css)".  Weirdly, the"Next" button on this window is not highlighted, thus i  cannot go to the next page.


            3. I check the first keyword in the  index, and it belongs to this topic which is shown in the TOC. So the  topic containing the first index keyword is not missing.


            4. The project was a X5 project, since i took over, i've been using RH8. The index now in the project is different from the original generated  chm's index. Some of the keywords are missing in the current project. I see some people in the forum having problems with the Index by updating the project to RH8.







            Wow, amazing find out!


            I create this new index named  "New", "drag and drop" some of the keywords from the original index to  this "new" index, just three of them. Because i only want to check if  the new index will show in the generated chm file or not. And also i set  this "New" index as default.


            It turned out that not only the index shows up in the  chm file, but also shows all the keywords in the old project. i mean the  same as the old generated chm file. Weird no? I thought by using the  "New" index, only those three keywords would show up. But everything  shows up, even more than the ones in the project.


            Although it gives exact the index i want, i still want the explanations to these. In which way does this "New" index help?


            Thanks for all your help.