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    All my family photos for the last 6 years are disappeared...




      Can anybody help me?

      I am in complete chock fearing that all my family photos from the last 7 years are lost!


      I have had ALL my family photos in the Adobe Stater Edition. Lately, I have been requested to register to get an unlock code every time I wanted to see photos or download new photos. I have tried to register but has been informed that the Adobe Starter Edition does not exist anymore. Yesterday, I therefore loaded all my photos into Picasa. I worked with the photos for about one hour - and then they suddently all disappeared. I seached for the photoes everywhere but they are completely gone... they are not on the hard disk at all. How is that possible? The photos were located on the hard disc in the "Picture folder" in a subfolder named "Adope". This subfolder was created automatically, years ago, when I started to load photo into the Adope Starter Edition. This subfolder is now empty - how is that possible? If I now start up the Adobe Starter Edition I get the usual "unlock message" - but behind the message I can see some of my photos but maybe this is just a "dead" bacground from my last attempt to get the unlock code?


      What should I do - can anybody please help me? I am willing to upgrade to whatever type of Adobe product it requires to get the last 7 years of my family life back.


      And yes... I did a full back-up of my photos app. 12 months ago... I looked for it yesterday in complete panic... it is gone... we had a burglary last summer... and yesterday I realized that it has been stolen.


      ALL - ALL!! the photos of my two wonderful girls growing up... sitting in the Danish summer fields with floral wreaths on their head... I cannot believe it... I fell I have lost their childhood.


      Please help me...