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    Clone tool causes AE 11/CS5 to hang


      Here's what my project is:

      A DPX sequence @2k, approx 600 frames long.

      A single paint layer

      The paint options are set set to single frame. I'm cloning from all over the place.

      This works fine, until I get to a certain point ~100 frames in or so (~200 paint strokes) then AE will freeze momentarily when I either try to clone or set the clone source. It doesn't matter what I do-- press esape, click on the menu bar etc, the cursor doesn't change and the application doesn't respond. Several seconds later, it comes back to life, and then applies all the mouse clicks and keypresses that happened while it was frozen. This issue then starts to get progressively worse-- with longer pauses between each stroke. I can render the sequence out and then bring it into a new composition and start where i left off, but this is time-consuming.


      I have tried the following:


      • Changing the memory settings
      • Changing the open gl settings
      • Disabling the open gl plugin by moving it to the desktop
      • Running AE on a Macbook Pro 10.6.4
      • Running AE on a Mac pro 10.6.4
      • Running AE on a new system with nothing else installed and no update applied 10.6


      Nothing works!

      I am now trying to locate a 64-bit windows system to see if that works at all.