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    [CS5] Terrible InDesign Bug!




      right now I have discovered a dangerous bug in InDesign CS5!

      For some reasons my software use label property of Cell to store some automation informations.

      After clearing overrides on cell style for this cell the label was changed!

      Scenario 1 (can be proof manualy):

      1. Create a Table

      2. Edit script label and entry something

      3. Create a cell style (let's call it "Test1")

      4. Edit script label and clear it

      5. Apply "Test1" cell style to this cell - you will see overrides (+ symbol)

      6. Click on clear overrides - the start contents of label from point 2 is present again!


      This is very IMPORTANT THING FOR AUTOMATION the label is NEVER changed by InDesign.

      Imagine a document with tentausend links to a database stored in label of cells! - with simple clear overrides on the cells the whole work is lost whithout return!


      Adobe - please fix it immediatly! - this bug was never bevore there since InDesign CS - first version of InDesign.




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