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    Regarding RH8 forms


      Good morning everyone,

      I'm running Robohelp HTML V8.02


      I have one process that is used 5 times in exactly the same way.  Within the process there are 3 variables that depend on the user’s input in a previous page.


      This is what I am picturing:

      Page 1 contains a table of links and variables associated with each link (variables could be hidden).  Clicking a link would populate the page 2 with the variables associated with that link.

      Link1 using the below variables

      Link2 using the below variables

      Link3 using the below variables

      Link4 using the below variables

      Link5 using the below variables

















      Page two contains paragraphs of information where the variables get populated throughout.  As an alternative, I could use a button or some such device at the top of page 2 as a way to toggle the variables populated throughout the page.


      I’ve started playing around with forms but am not sure exactly how to make them communicate to the next page or within the same page (Method=Get or Post?).  I have a little background with HTML and Javascript to the point where I search W3schools but can't write code from scrap. 


      I've searched the forums, Google, and Grainge.org but haven't come up with much of anything.  Any help you have to offer is greatly appreciated.

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          Willam van Weelden Adobe Community Professional & MVP



          First off, sending values to another page, you need to post the values or supply them in the URL. Post/Get it is. On the same page, you can use a JavaScript to get the values from the selected fields and use those to manipulate the current page.


          Before resorting to coding, can snippets be a solution to your problem?

          - Create a page for every process.

          - Add the text that's allways the same to a snippet and use that on every page.

          - Only include the information that differs.


          A custom javascript solution is allways available, but it may not be pretty and it may be quite some work maintaining it.





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            RoboHelpUserCA Level 1

            That is a good option.  As I said, I'm not the most proficient script writer so if I can avoid it, that would be great.  I thought of snippets but would like to keep the number of files to a minimum (though an extra four isn't that big a deal).  With Snippets, can I change a value within the Snippet for every page?  Here's an example:


            The user has 3 options for size which corresponds to a price for a case of beer.


            "How many beers would you like?  12   18   24"


            "Your total today is: $30.  Enjoy your day."  Where "Your total today is:  Enjoy your day" is a Snippet and $30 is a variable.


            The first line would exist as one page and doesn't change.


            The second page would contain the Snippet with the variable (price) within it based on the amount selected on the first page.  Or would I have to create two snippets and put the variable inbetween the two?  I also just stumbled across User Defined Variables and I am playing around to see if that can be used.  Any hints? 

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              Willam van Weelden Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              In the case of the example, I would add $30 to the page and put the rest of the info in multiple snippets. I would start by looking at what different values do you want to show on  a page? Are they values that can change depending on the user input,  such as creating a total? Are they different paragraphs? Are they  different names/words you want to use?


              Variables are also very handy, but they have the same value troughout your help. Very usefull if, for instance, marketing decides to change the name of your product two days before your deadline.





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