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    Animation Priority over Actionscript

      I have been working on a bit of flash that can load html strings from a database using a combination of php and mysql. As flash does not use the <table> tag, I was forced to look for other options.
      I luckily found a nice script that can create a make-shift table in flash using a combination of XML parsing, movie clips and a LOT of text fields.

      The link to the table class I have used is here - http://www.peachpit.com/articles/article.asp?p=706211&rl=1

      So far, the code works great, it creates any table regardless of how many colspans and rowspans you have. The issue I am having is all about processing time.

      One example is that I have a table that contains about 50 rows and has 2 columns. Using the table class, it will create 100 text boxes to accommodate the data. Now, creating that many boxes when the flash is loading causes the browser to freeze for a few seconds until the table has been created.

      Initially, I wanted to try a preloader, or use a simple "Loading" movie clip to play out while waiting for the table to load, but when trying both, the animation just freezes along with the browser. The table then appears, and the browser runs as normal.

      I would like to put some code in the class during the text field creation loop so that it gives priority to the animation, or at least refresh the scene so that the animation can play out while the text fields are being created.

      Any advise would be appreciated