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    [JS] Display Performance Settings / View Display Settings help?

    lhanneman Level 1



      I've got some scripts that will place an image into a rectangle, however when I save the document via the script and then open up the document in InDesign, I get the greyed out rectangle because of the display performance.


      We are going to be running these scripts on ID Server and I'm wondering what I need to add to the script to set the Display Performance to TYPICAL so that when the document is opened, I can see the image.


      I've tried myRectangle.images[0].localDisplaySetting = DisplaySettingOptions.TYPICAL; but I get the error "DisplaySettingOptions" is undefined.


      I've also tried from an application level near the beginning of my script with:


      app.displayPerformancePreferences.defaultDisplaySettings= ViewDisplaySettings.TYPICAL; but "app.displayPerformancePreferences" is read-only, which is odd because "defaultDisplaySettings" is r/w.


      Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?


      Thanks in Advance!